Phentermine found to be safe and effective!

In a thorough review of the medical literature published in the winter quarter of The Bariatrician, Michael Anchors, MD, PhD, found no credible evidence of any dangerous side effects of phentermine use as an appetite suppressant.  Dr. Anchors' review was unable to document any instance of addition of significant hypertension, heart valve damage or serotonin…

The Dark Side of Supplements

The Dark Side of Supplements You’ve seen the glitzy ads in men’s and women’s health magazines, newspapers, direct mail and TV infomercials. Use this or that supplement, or often a combination of several supplements, and you’ll be stronger, sexier, more virile, more beautiful, thinner and live longer. The ingredients are often touted as “all natural”…

Coffee after dinner for a long and happy life

You may recall an earlier “Latest Skinny” post in which we reported on a study demonstrating that moderate coffee consumption significantly reduces the incidence of depression. Now a well done study from Japan demonstrated that three hours after a test meal followed by a coffee drink, blood sugar was significantly lower, peripheral vascular flow increased…

Obese patients more likely to get HIT

HIT, or heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, in its most common form is an immunologic disorder in which intravenous or subcutaneous heparin (a potent anticoagulant) administration induces antibodies which cause platelets in the blood to form extensive clots in both arteries and veins. Platelet count then drops precipitously. It is a serious disorder often resulting in limb loss…

Cola wars head south of the border

On the heels of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s recent disastrous attempt to curtail consumption of large sugared soft drinks, Mexican officials have taken up the banner. Mexico is now the “fattest” large nation in the world with over 70% of adults overweight. Furthermore the incidence of diabetes in Mexico now approaches 10%, and Mexico…

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