Are binge eaters "wired" to overeat?

Overeating—the tendency to consume high carbohydrate/calorie foods even when hunger is satisfied—has long been known to contribute to excessive weight gain. In its most extreme form, binge eating, the weight gain can be massive. Researchers at the University of North Carolina recently published in the journal “Science” the results of an interesting study which may…

The Less We Sleep, the Bigger We Are!

A preliminary study at the University of Chicago on non-obese patients demonstrated a significant increase in cellular insulin resistance in study patients who were sleep-deprived. Insulin resistance is a precursor to obesity and type II diabetes. Fat cells were most affected. Biopsies of abdominal fat cells in the sleep deprived patients demonstrated a 30% decrease…

Here We Grow Again!

Please join us in welcoming on board the newest Prescription Weight Loss Clinic® Franchise. On November 11 Prescription Weight Loss Clinic® Countryside opened its doors. Located at 2665 State Road 580 in Clearwater, this clinic is seeing patients each day of the week except Thursdays. Doctors Jeffrey Marks, Maria Pimentel, Anjana Patel and Patricia Llewellyn…

Vitamin Facts & Fiction

Stored properly, vitamins are usually stable for a minimum of four or five years, according to Glen M. Shue, a chemist/ nutritionist for the Food and Drug Administration, but he added: ''We had a bottle of vitamin D on the shelf in the lab for 10 years. We're air-conditioned so the temperature stays cool here…

Does Slim Equal Success?

The answer is “YES” according to many executive fitness physiologists and business school professors. Executives with larger waist lines, higher body fat % and BMI are perceived as less effective with interpersonal relationships and in the workplace overall. Overweight executives are often assumed to be less capable of consistently performing at a high level because…

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