If you love losing weight but miss your pasta, Asian Shirataki noodles (sometimes called Miracle Noodles) may be just the linguini the doctor ordered. Shirataki noodles are made from a plant root and sold in precooked wet packages. They have zero protein, zero fats and zero net carbs. In the stomach they tend to expand somewhat which increases satiety so they are a perfect complement to the protein dishes in Step 1 and an excellent choice to substitute for high carb noodles for Step 2 and 3 patients. Wash the noodles after removing from the package and put them together with whatever you are cooking. Some consumers have noted the texture to be a bit rubbery but a brief period of boiling tends to eliminate this slight disadvantage.


Dr. Blackshear’s comment:

I haven’t tried these noodles as yet but they sound like an excellent option for pasta fans. Any food containing zero calories is a perfect choice for patients in each Step of the Prescription Weight Loss Clinic® program. Shirataki noodles are not all that easy to find in grocery stores yet but purchasing over the internet is simple. This is another way to add additional variety to your diet without also adding calories and carbs, which stimulate insulin release.

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