Use of prescription appetite suppressant medication in conjunction with diet and exercise for weight loss is strictly regulated by state and federal regulations. Patients must meet specific criteria for program participation which differ for men and women. Either body mass index (BMI = Weight in KG ÷ Height in M2) or body fat percentage (BF%) may be used. Since BMI, which is based on gross body weight, may be misleading in some individuals, Prescription Weight Loss Clinic® relies on BF% for initial evaluation and follow-up.

The most reliable method to assess BF% is to undergo a Body Composition Analysis on a bioimpedance scale designed for this measurement. Patients who are unsure whether their BF% meets minimum criteria may come into a Prescription Weight Loss Clinic® office without an appointment and obtain a preliminary Body Composition Analysis. Those who meet minimum criteria may schedule an initial visit at that time. Patients who do not meet minimum Step 1 participation criteria based on BF% may still participate in Step 1 if the Prescription physician deems that they also have a significant co-morbidity (associated illness) related to excess body weight, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis in weight-bearing joints or one of a number of overweight related medical problems.

Weight Category by Body Fat Percentage

Weight Category Body Fat %
Women Men
Essential Fat 10-12 2-4
Athletic 13-20 5-13
Normal / Fit 21-24 14-20
Overweight 25-29 21-24
Significantly Overweight*
(Class I Obesity)
30-34 25-29
(Class II Obesity)
35-39 30-34
Significant Obesity*
(Class III Obesity)
40-45 35-40
Morbid Obesity*
(Class IV Obesity)
>45 >40
IMPORTANT! Decreases in body fat percentage below the Essential Fat levels may be detrimental to health.
* Meets Program Criteria

Minimum Program Participation Criteria

(without comorbidities)

Women …….. BF% ≥ 30
Men ………… BF% ≥ 25

Physician Weight Loss Center | Age Requirements

Children under the age of 18 are legally prohibited from taking appetite suppressants as a weight loss aid and cannot participate in the STEP 1 weight reduction program, although children under age 18 and adults who do not meet program criteria may elect to use the Calorie Management principles learned in Steps 2 & 3 to lose weight. If you would like more information about this option, your Prescription physician can discuss your individual circumstances with you.

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