Texas Makes the Top 10!

Congratulations Texas! You made another top 10 list! This one may not be the best news; however, since the Great State of Texas has the 10th highest rate of adult obesity. The latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey indicates that over 30 percent of Texas adults meet BMI criteria for obesity. This trend is consistent with the increasing prevalence of obesity across the United States.


The Prescription Perspective: It seems the Great State of Texas is getting greater—and that is not necessarily a good thing! Telephone surveys are often thought to provide unreliable clinical data but, when the questions asked (age, height and weight) are relatively simple and the responses straightforward the data obtained from such surveys can be clinically useful. These studies help in developing benchmarks and targets for public health intervention. GET TO WORK, TEXAS, AND LOSE THOSE POUNDS! BTW, DON’T GET TOO COMPLACENT FLORIDA. YOU ARE CLOSE TO THE UPPER 50 PERCENT!. For weight loss clinics in Florida  Contact.

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